Psalm 73-to be read with Reverend Ralph Moore’s July 23, 2017 sermon

Psalm 73

(from the Iona Abbey Worship Book)

All God is good to the upright,

to those who are pure in heart

A My feet were close to slipping.

I almost lost my balance.

I had started to envy the arrogant

when I saw how the haughty flourish.

B They seem to avoid suffering

their bodies are healthy and sleek;

trouble appears to bypass them,

their lives are free of affliction.

A They talk of menace and malice,

breathing down people's necks.

They slander the kingdom of heaven

with tongues never silent on earth

B Many are taken in by them,

believing they do nothing wrong.

They say, "Does God really care?

Perhaps the Most High doesn't know."

A Have I kept myself pure for nothing,

Washing my hands in innocence?

For every new morning brings trouble,

and day after day I am punished.

B Had I thought to do as they do

I would have betrayed my people.

So I tried to make sense of this mess,

but found it too difficult for me.

A Once I entered God's sanctuary

then I began to understand.

In a moment they will be destroyed

on the slippery slope to ruin.

B My God, I am always with you;

you take me by the right hand.

Your wisdom continues to guide me

and you will receive me in glory.

A Because you fold me into your realm,

there is nothing I need upon earth.

Though flesh and blood may fail,

The Eternal is my strength forever.

All God is good to the upright,

to those who are pure in heart.

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